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How can I impress Consular during a visa interview?
Asked by: Rakesh_Shrestha
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Posted on Sat, 14 Jun 2008 04:30:24 GMT
Question Description
I came to know, impressing consular gradually increases the possibility to be granted a student visa. But how can I impress them? What are tricks to impress visa interviewer? Please suggest me simple impressive methods to impress a consular.

There are various factors effecting impression to the consular. There's no doubt you need to be impressive to consular but how? Here are the ways:

Speak confidently and politely
While giving an interview, you need to be confident on your answers and you need to be polite while answering questions asked by the consular.

Answer to the points
Never give unnecessary answers. While answering the question, never include unnecessary or unwanted points. Go exactly to the question. Never answer in complex way.

Submit impressive documents
All your visa documents must be genuine and they must be impressive too. Certificates of participation on social works as volunteer and sports certificates impress the consular.

Look clean and healthy
Look smart and tidy. Dress up properly. Don't try to look like a punk during a visa interview.

Introduce little sense of humour
While answering to the questions, you can add some humour stuffs to your answer which also might help to impress the consular.

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visa_expert answered 9 years and 8 months ago
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