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Can friends be used as sponsor to obtain student visa?
Asked by: Rakesh_Shrestha
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Posted on Sun, 8 Jun 2008 05:50:35 GMT
Question Description
I came to know that in order to obtain US Visa; I have to show the financial documents like bank certificate with last 6 month bank transaction statement. My parents do not have enough bank balance and past 6 months bank transaction that is required to show during visa interview. Can I show my friend as sponsor for my studies in US?

For your question, the answer would be yes. The friends, family members or anyone interested to finance your study can become your sponsor and you can present his/her bank certificates and transaction statements. However, these documents and financing must be genuine.

Many students from developing countries are intending to enter USA not to study but to work and earn money. Some of the student who entered USA presenting false documents and with wrong motives has been caught in recent days. The visa consulars are well informed about these incidents and these incidents has pressurized them to tighten the whole visa issuing process. They now check each documentís genuineness very minutely. They have found that most of the student with sponsors other that their own parents to be fake and thus, nowadays such students are studied closely and if they are convinced that the sponsorís are genuine, only then they issue visa. Otherwise, the visa refusal rate for such student is high.

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Visaseeker answered 8 years and 9 months ago

Yes they can be but you'll need to have sponsorship letter from your friend and your friend's proof of funds.

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visa_expert answered 8 years and 9 months ago
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