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Tips for F1 Visa Interview
Asked by: Naseer
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Posted on Thu, 19 Jun 2008 14:57:19 GMT
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What are tips that can help me prepare well to face F1 visa interview? Please give me tips to increase chance for obtaining F1 student visa after facing a visa interview.

Here are some tips for F1 visa interview. These tips can help you to face F1 student visa interview. If you follow these tips, you’ll have higher possibility of obtaining Student visa for United States.

Strong evidence of return
You must be able to assure consular that you’ll return back home after completion of your studies. Many students get rejected for TIES reason which means they are doubted by consular about their returning home issues. To show you’ll return after studies, you can show your property, business, attachment with family and even job that will be waiting you.

Value of Your degree
What is the value of degree you have chosen in today’s world? It is worth your money you’re going to spend? Isn’t degree what you’re going to study in your own country? These all questions count when it come to F1 visa interview. You must be able to show value of course you’ve chosen to the consular.

Strong financial background
The consular expects you to have enough funds to pay university charges and living costs during your study in USA. You must have enough property which include your house, land, vehicles, shares, and anything that you have as property. Along with this you’ll also need to show sufficient bank balance and bank statement of last six months from date of visa interview. More property and bank balance you have more is the chance of obtaining a visa.

Prepare well for sample visa questions
Sample questions for F1 Visa interview are available at:
Prepare for all those questions properly. Practice an interview with friends. Ask them to ask questions pretending to be a consular.

Be confident
During a visa interview be confident. When you’re confident, the consular will not doubt on your documents and intentions.

Speak Clearly
Answer all the questions asked by consular clearly. The consular must be able to understand each and every word you speak. Most probably, you’ll not be asked for excuses during a visa interview.

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visa_expert answered 9 years and 9 months ago
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