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French Student Visa Requirements
Asked by: TomD
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Posted on Thu, 19 Jun 2008 11:48:27 GMT
Question Description
What are requirements for French Student visa? What will I need to obtain student visa for France? I want to know about complete documents required to get French visa to study in France.

Documents required to obtain French student visa may vary according to your country of residence. Iíve mentioned general documents required by students when they apply for French student visa.

A valid passport with six month more validity than your entire stay in France

A photograph taken in white background with 35x45 mm dimensions

Receipt of payment of university fee

Proof of enrollment sent to you by French university once youíre accepted for admission

Proof of enough finance for living and studying in France

Proof of scholarships obtained is required for students who intends to study on scholarships

Certificate of medical insurance

Transcript of previous educational achievement

Proof of vaccinations against yellow fever, cholera may also be required in some cases

Any other documents that may support visa application

Since documents required may vary according to country of residence; you are suggested to contact visa office of French Embassy for more information on documents required in your region.

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EduExpert answered 9 years and 9 months ago

I have no idea.

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kunwor answered 7 years and 3 months ago
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