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Can international student studying in UK apply for US Visa?
Asked by: bpleo
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Posted on Fri, 30 May 2008 05:51:53 GMT
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I am international student studying BBA 1st Semester in St John's College London. The tuition fees and living cost in London is increasing rapidly. The probability of getting good job in London is too low. And even if any job is available, the payment for job is not enough to sustain international studentís life in London. Many of my friends are looking to go to some other countries to continue their studies. In the same way, I am also feeling difficulties to sustain my life here in London and also I am not happy with the educational standard of my college. That's why I am urging to shift to some reputed universities in US that is located in urban region where I could get jobs easily and would be able to sustain my student life easily. But I don't know, can I apply for visa for USA from here in UK without flying back to my home country. Do the US embassy in UK issue visa to people other than British from UK?

It is possible for people from certain countries to obtain US visa from US Embassy in UK. But in most cases the US Embassy administration denies the request to apply from UK for foreign nationals. In that case getting your US Visa issued in your home country will be the easiest way to go for your study in USA. However, you may try to apply for US Visa at US Embassy in London. Different data show refusal rates for foreign nationals in London Embassy is more than 50%. However, don't give up.

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hi2al answered 9 years and 8 months ago
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