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Question asked in Visa and Immigration
Why did you choose this university?
Asked by: anand1220
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Posted on Wed, 17 Sep 2008 16:07:13 GMT
Question Description
How should I answer the question “Why did you choose this university?” during my visa interview with the Embassy?

The answer for this question must include the features of the universities which attracted you for admission. The features that you explain may be:

Recognition and reputation of a university
Teaching methods
Attractive tuition fee
Easy admission process
High quality education
Services for international students
Chance for scholarships
High career placement rate
University location
Number of International students
Class size
Faculty members

Answer this question including the above mentioned features. You may say:
This university has very easy admission process. It offered a course at attractive tuition fee. This university is well recognized for my chosen course. Due to its reputation and quality education, many international students are currently studying there. They have separate department concerned with international students. To provide quality education, class size is usually small and faculty members are experts of their field. This university has adopted modern teaching method with latest facilities and most importantly, it is in ………… which is among the best places to live.

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abhijeet answered 9 years and 5 months ago
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