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Will they have past records of my mother's sponsorship?
Asked by: ishika
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Posted on Sun, 21 Sep 2008 18:15:29 GMT
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Actually my mother is going to sponsor me and she is well settled in US. However, I was rejected three years ago when I applied for visitor visa with sponsorship from my mother. What should I do? Do they have the past records?

Well, itís sure that they record all the matters from the past. But the question is Ė Will they review your past record or not? In most of the cases, due to the time limit, consular do not look for the past records. They will look to your current documents and situations. So, if your mother is going to sponsor you from US, there is no doubt, you must disclose about your motherís presence in US. However, if anyone else is going to sponsor your studies and living expenses, it would be better not to disclose about your motherís presence in US. It would help you to maintain your ties with your country.

The main thing the consular looks are Ė
Are you the genuine student intending to study or not?
Do you really intend to study in US and come back to your own country or not?
Do you really do have the financial capability to support your studies in US or not?

If these questions are well answered or documented, there must not be a problem for you to get a student visa.

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dewaar answered 9 years and 6 months ago
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