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Applying for F-1 visa from Bahrain to study at Stratford University
Asked by: surender
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Posted on Fri, 4 Jul 2008 05:08:22 GMT
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I think I was confused with my previous question. My I-20 is from Stratford University. I'm showing my father as a sponsor for my studies. I have a gap in education after my 10+2. I completed my 10+2 in the year 1997. I completed BA in 2006. Currently, Iím working in Bahrain. Will the visa officer ask me about my current bank statements in Bahrain? Can I know F-1 visa success rate from Bahrain?

As you are going to be sponsored by your father, youíll need your fatherís sponsorship letter and financial documents. If your fatherís fund isnít sufficient, you may include additional funds with new sources too. Additional funds may be funds of your own at your bank account in Bahrain. For your educational gap, you must show some evidence to prove you were involved in something during this gap. You may show you were involved in some jobs during this period. But jobs in which you were involved must be meaningful and must not create any doubt regarding ďtiesĒ with your nation. The consular may suspect you to get involved in jobs when you are in US so youíll have to convince the consular that youíll not get involved in any work there and fully dedicate yourself into your studies. The purpose why youíre applying for F-1 student visa must be to study in USA; you mustnít intend to work full-time illegally there. If you really want to study in USA and have financial and academic ability, youíll have very high possibility of obtaining a visa.

I donít know exact visa success rate from Bahrain.

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MyWorld answered 9 years and 7 months ago
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