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Question asked in Visa and Immigration
I've been rejected for a visa without any proper reason. Will I get a visa if I reapply?
Asked by: ishika
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Posted on Thu, 2 Oct 2008 02:45:14 GMT
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I have been rejected once for a student visa. Can I take date on same i20 after 15 days? Will I get a visa? They didnít saw any of my documents and just gave me a reason that the interviewer was not satisfied. Should I stand next time and ask them the reason of not giving me a visa? When am I a genuine student?

When you apply for a second time, your application must be different on some terms. During visa interview, you must be impressive. You must be able to convince the consular that you really intend to study.

You may take same I20 if you have enough time before your semester begins. Date on I20 must be at least 1 month away from your visa interview date.

You are a genuine student when your intentions are clear, documents are genuine, you donít intend to work or stay in USA illegally, and determined to return back home after completion of program.

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Govinda answered 9 years and 5 months ago
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