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What are visa chances if I have an education gap?
Asked by: asadking25
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Posted on Thu, 2 Oct 2008 10:21:22 GMT
Question Description
I have 8 years of education gap since my high school. I am 25 years old now, still young. I have been accepted into a bachelors program at University of Canberra in Information Technology. I covered this gap with working experience letter that I am working as a webmaster for a foreign company based in the USA (in reality that is a company run by my own real brothers). I also made documented proof like e-mail exchanges in order to prove the authenticity of the working letter.

I have been refused once in 2004 for the US visa because of being non-serious student and the visa officer asked me to show certificates or working experience letter into my chosen field. At that time, I was interested in management information system. It was not a permanent refusal as the visa officer told me this in person.

The thing is, now I am applying for Australian visa in two weeks time and I donít know if a refusal stamp on my passport (like application received by US embassy in Islamabad) will have any negative impact on my application.

In short,
Q1. How is the way I covered my education gap?
Q2. Will visa refusal stamp for US visa affect my visa application for Australia?

Any input is appreciated regarding this.

Thanks a lot.

You have quite long education gap. Students with such a long education gap rarely get a visa. You must be able to convince immigration officers that you really want to study now. Your intention to study will be suspected. They may want to know about your reason for working during gap. The work you did during gap must be related to program youíve chosen to study, which makes immigration officers believe you want to specialize on that particular subject.

You said you were rejected for a US visa in 2004. This will not necessarily affect your Australian visa application. Make sure you have strong financial and academic documents. Without good financial and academic documents, getting a visa is usually not possible.

Make sure you have all you need which include:
- Financial documents showing sufficient funds and income
- Good academic documents showing you can dedicate yourself into studies
- Strong ties documents showing youíll return back home after studies

To get a visa, you must satisfy above mentioned points.

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Govinda answered 9 years and 5 months ago

can i get PR in f1 visa?

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JASMINE answered 9 years and 4 months ago
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