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How to verify a Bank Statement?
Asked by: san
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Posted on Sun, 27 Jul 2008 09:09:23 GMT
Question Description
My student visa to UK has been refused. My sponsor's Financial Statement is from a bank in Saudi Arabia. The visa officer says he can't verify the statement as the bank is in Saudi and is not sure if it is genuine. This is their problem, not mine but in the end I will suffer. So how should I verify the statement? Is there any way so that my sponsor can verify it somewhere in Saudi? It is a well known Bank.

Hi san, you are facing quite complicated problem. Does a bank which you are using provide an online banking facility? If yes, you may ask the immigration officers to verify your bank balance online. If not, you may give them phone number of bank in Saudi Arabia and ask them to call to verify your bank balance. I donít know if it works, but if my above mentioned suggestions cannot help you, you may ask some authorized personnel (Chartered Accountants) to stay as a guarantee on your behalf. May be their guarantee letter will work. But above all, the best idea will be to transfer you fund from bank in Saudi Arabia to bank at your own country to show the immigration officers while you apply for a visa.

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itsurhelp answered 9 years and 8 months ago

To complete the verification process, you may need to submit several documents including, but not limited to, the following. Please check the email you received from Google for details about the specific information we have requested in your case.

Supplier invoices
The invoices or receipts you received when you originally purchased the items you are selling through Google Checkout help us confirm that these items are currently available in your stock. Any invoices you submit for account verification purposes must include the supplier business name and telephone number.

Drivers license or government issued ID
If the address listed on your drivers license doesnt match the address listed in your Checkout account, please submit proof of your address with a bank statement, credit card bill (with the first 12 digits of your card number blacked out), or water, phone or other utility bill.

Business license
A business license is a state issued license which shows that you are legally permitted to perform business operations.

When submitting this information, be sure to include your Google Checkout merchant ID on all submitted documents.

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Chikanbarn answered 5 years and 4 months ago
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