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Question asked in Visa and Immigration
How to solve my problems with UK visa application?
Asked by: ashu
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Posted on Sun, 27 Jul 2008 15:46:24 GMT
Question Description
Problem no. 1: I have changed my name after my 10th grade. I did it intentionally because my name was too long. But I have all legal documents with me but Iím still worried about the question and answers for immigration officers.

Problem no. 2: I have done my 10th grade from CBSE but I have done my 12th Grade from National Open. Are immigration officers going to enquire a lot about that?

Problem no. 3: I have got an education loan but it would cover fee for my studies but not my living expenses. How many years of funding should I show in my sponsorís account? Is it for 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years?

Problem no. 4: How can I guarantee the immigration officers that I would pay my loan back?

Hello ashu, youíve got quite a lot of problems. These problems may lead to a disaster if not taken seriously. Iíll try to help you tackle all your problems point to point so read all information I provide carefully.

For your first problem:
You said youíve got legal documents to show you have changed your name. Are those documents in English? Get them translated by authorized personnel before submitting. If you submit these documents, thereíll be no any problem with your name change. If they ask you about it, you may simply say, you changed it because it was too lengthy.

For your second problem:
Even though you have studied up to 10 in CBSE medium and later transformed into National Open, it will not affect your visa application if your performance in both mediums where good. If your performance wasnít much good, you may have a problem. But it would have been same even if you had done your 12th in CBSE. As university in UK has accepted you for admission, immigration officers will not enquire on your shift but they may ask you about you grades if they are poor.

For your third problem:
If your fund is sufficient to pay for at least one year living and study expenses, you may show it. But you must be able to show your sponsorís income very strong to manage you same sum for next academic year. If your sponsor canít show good income, youíll not get a visa.

For your fourth problem:
If you have taken and education loan, you must show you have ability to pay back this loan. Youíll need to show some property valuation certificates as a guarantee to pay back your loan. Any hypothetical guarantee will not work.

Since, there are many doubts regarding your documents, I suggest you to ask some visa counselors to check your documents before applying for a visa.

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abhijeet answered 9 years and 8 months ago
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