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Final Preparations for US Student Visa
Asked by: john
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Posted on Wed, 2 Jul 2008 07:05:36 GMT
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Date of my US visa interview is at my door steps. Please I need some words of encouragement and guidance for final preparations. I want to know what to during interview such as behavior and dressing.


First of all, best of luck for your visa interview. You have nothing to worry about if everythingís right. Iíll try to guide you some final steps for US student visa.

Check if youíve got all required documents. Make a checklist of documents required and match it with your documents to make sure you havenít missed any document.

Documents youíll require:

  • A valid passport with validity of at least six months beyond expected date to leave USA
  • Completely filled and signed all required visa application forms
  • Official letter of acceptance from university or college in USA
  • Bank certificate and bank statement showing transaction of last six months
  • Property valuation documents if required
  • Letter of sponsorship from your sponsor
  • Receipt of payment of SEVIS and visa fee
  • Original score card of IELTS or TOEFL if applicable (will not be required if your college or university has offered you an extra English course)
  • Original transcripts of previous level studies
  • An essay describing your purpose to study the selected course in selected university
  • Other documents showing strong ties to your nation
These documents will generally be enough to obtain US student visa if you meet following conditions:
  • Good academic records,
  • Strong financial documents,
  • Documents showing your strong financial and social ties with your nation, and
  • Fluency in English during a visa interview
Some tips for visa interview:
  • Donít get nervous
  • Speak clearly
  • Take time to think but not too long
  • Impress the consular with your words
  • Donít hesitate to ask to repeat or clarify the question if you donít get them
  • Donít let the consular doubt on your intentions to study in USA
  • With your answers, convince the consular that youíll return back after your studies
  • Donít give funny answers but little humor will work
  • Wear a casual cloth for an interview (donít be too fancy), look clean and healthy
Possibilities of visa rejection

You can be rejected if:

  • Funds you show isnít sufficient to study and live in USA
  • Your ties documents doesnít convince consular that youíll return back home
  • You donít have intensions to study in USA
  • You intend to get involve in full-time jobs during your studies
  • English you speak isnít fluent and clear
  • You donít have good academic achievements
  • Course youíve chosen is widely available at your own country in reasonable price
If you become careful on these rejection points, your chance of being rejected will be very low.

I think these preparations will be enough to obtain a US student visa. Rest depends on your luck too. No one will have 100% visa obtaining chance. Good Luck.

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visa_expert answered 9 years and 8 months ago
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