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What is an appropriate answer for gap of education?
Asked by: faraz
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Posted on Wed, 2 Jul 2008 17:09:02 GMT
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I did my intermediate in 2004. Now I'm applying for US visa in Pakistan. Can visa officer ask me about gap of my studies? What will be an appropriate answer?

It is highly possible that you'll be asked about your educational gap. It is always good to say the truth. You can say whatever you have done during this gap. Most of the students say that they have been engaged in work during the gap but cannot present the documentary evidence of their work. It ends to a disaster of getting visa refusal letter.

If you have done any work, you have to manage the documents as the evidence stating what work you did during this gap. If you havenít done anything, then simply you can answer that you are preparing to study in USA. You can say that you have spent your time on IELTS / TOEFL preparation, on the selection of the university, etc. It is obvious that it doesnít take a long time of 4 years to do all these activities. But your problem can be solved if youíll be able to show documents that prove you were involved in something very important during this period.

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Salu answered 9 years and 8 months ago
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