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US Visa Problem with a Course
Asked by: john
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Posted on Tue, 8 Jul 2008 11:19:41 GMT
Question Description
I want you to know that USF only admitted me for an English Language Program. This is because I did not have SAT and TOEFL. Will the embassy say that the course I'm going for doesn't have good value? This school insists that I must finish English language program before I will be admitted into my major course.

I am looking for an urgent reply.

Your course doesnít seem to have good value so it will affect your visa application. The value of course you choose plays an important role in visa application. Visa is generally not granted for those students who will be taking a course widely available in their own country. You must show the consular that the major course youíre going to join after your English language program does have good value. However, your application doesnít seem strong enough to obtain a visa. The consular may suspect youíre just looking for an easy way to enter USA and you donít have any intension to study there. So try showing as much evidences as possible to prove you are a genuine student who indents to study in USA.

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visa_expert answered 9 years and 8 months ago
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