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Can consular check the family details in NADRA record with NIC number?
Asked by: faraz
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Posted on Tue, 8 Jul 2008 19:36:37 GMT
Question Description
I am sponsored by my uncle. My uncle has four children so Mr. Kumar, answer my question that I donít have to tell the consular about the children of my uncle. So isn't it possible for a consular to check my uncle's family detail from NADRA records with help of NIC number. If consular asks question about the family of my sponsor what is appropriate for me?

You have to verify your relationship with your uncle since heís going to sponsor you. About his children, consular usually doesnít go in detail about family members of a sponsor. During period of about 15 minutes of visa interview, he tries to verify whether you are a genuine student, whether you have ability academically and financially to study in USA, and if youíll return back after studies. Students are generally not asked about family members of a sponsor. However, donít lie if youíre asked but donít give information regarding this issue until and unless youíre asked. When you tell him the truth, rest depends on the mood of a consular. He may not take it seriously because when your uncle is ready to sponsor you he has nothing to object.

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Kumar answered 9 years and 7 months ago
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