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Job during gap at my Uncle's showroom, is it ok for a visa application?
Asked by: faraz
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Posted on Wed, 9 Jul 2008 10:02:07 GMT
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I'm applying for US student visa. I'm showing my job at a showroom of my uncle who is sponsoring me because I have gap on my studies. I am showing job at car tracking department which belongs to C Track Company which is at the showroom of my uncle. Is it all right or will it have negative impact on my visa application? If it is ok, will I need to take job letter or C Track letter head on my uncle's letter head or on both letter heads?

It will be ok to show you were involved in your uncle’s showroom during gap but make sure that the reason why you were involved in job is considerable. It is always good if job in which you were involved is related to course you have chosen to study. Why you were involved in job without continuing your studies? This is most possible question you may be asked so prepare well for this question.

Use letter with letter head of place where you had worked.

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edu_consult answered 9 years and 8 months ago
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