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Is my US visa application ok?
Asked by: faraz
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Posted on Thu, 10 Jul 2008 10:44:31 GMT
Question Description
Iím applying for a student visa to USA from Pakistan. I am accepted in Computer Science Bachelor degree at St. Cloud State University. My motherís brother (my uncle) is sponsoring me. He has four children. Among his four children, two are US citizens and other two are Pakistani citizens. I did intermediate in 2004 and completed diploma in Information Technology in 2005. Due to this gap, Iím showing my job at the showroom of my uncleís car tracking department. My father is Superintendent of Police (SP) and he is also giving me letter of support regarding his property. For ties, Iím showing properties that belong to my father and brother. Iím also showing previous visas of my brother and uncle to convince the consular that all of my family members had got visa but they didnít settle outside and so will I do. Are all these things ok or will I need to amend? Please advice me.

Iím also informing you that I was refused twice for UK visa because address of my acceptance letter didnít match with my home address. After this refusal, on advice of ECM, I applied again with some case but ECO again refused because of increase in account of my uncle. So please advice me if my case needs some amendment or it seems to be ok?

Hello faraz, Iím new here but Iíll try to answer you. I suggest you to read my answer seriously and carefully because I think Iím the one who can help you with your application.

Letís begin with your weak points:
- Your educational gap
- Your visa refusal in UK twice

Since you have an educational gap, it will have a negative impact on your visa application. So here are few suggestions:

- As you are going to show your work at your uncleís showroom that will prove you were involved in something during this gap. But consular may ask you about reason why you worked. For that, you can simply answer: I wanted to gain some experience in such type of work. After all it is my uncleís business and I had good opportunity to work with him to gain some experience and develop maturity within myself.

- Other thing you can say is your investment of time to take tests like IELTS/TOEFL and preparation of documents for admission at US University and for visa.

- If you have any, you can show proof of some training you took during this period but if you donít have, it is ok.

Now letís move to another weak point. You were rejected twice for UK visa. Have you overcome the reasons for which you were rejected there? Have you got all information on forms and I-20 correct this time? And, is there any error in your financial documents? Check them all and verify that all are right. The sudden increase in bank balance isnít good at all for visa application, so be careful.

About your course:
The course (Computer Science) you have chosen is widely available in Pakistan. So you write an essay describing why you want to get this degree from USA. Mention the points like good value of degree and your ability to study there.

About your university:
St. Cloud University isnít much recognized university for course you have selected. However, mention in your essay about features of St. Cloud University that you liked. It may be: they dealt properly with your admission process or something other. Donít ask me what features you liked about that university, get the points on your own and mention them on your essay.

This is the most important cause for visa rejection. But in your case you have strong documents to overcome this reason. Ask your father to get an official letter from his office stating he is SP of Pakistan Police. Such document will help you demonstrate your ties with your nation. And if possible, mention some documents that shows scope of computer science graduates in Pakistan. The newspaper cutouts of Vacancies asking Computer Science graduates may work. There is no need to show your uncleís and brotherís visa but if you want to show it is ok.

Your sponsor
Your sponsor isnít good enough because you have your motherís brother to sponsor you. It would have been better if sponsor was someone from your fatherís family. However, you may apply for a visa with this too because anyone who wants to sponsor you can become your sponsor.

Last words:
There isnít 100% guarantee in getting a US visa. Even many famous people with very good background get refused for it. No matter how good documents you have, you may get rejected for a visa. If there is anything you can do then it is to perform better and hope. Sometimes you so hardly make good documents and visa officers donít even look at it properly. It all depends on their mood and your luck.

I hope my answer helped you faraz. If you have any further problem I am ready to help. But you can also take help from some visa consultants in your country because they can check all your documents properly and suggest you if they are ok to apply for a visa.

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hoax answered 8 years and 8 months ago
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