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What are the financial documents required to apply for F1 visa?
Asked by: aparichit
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Posted on Tue, 18 Nov 2008 05:13:35 GMT
Question Description
I want to know what are the financial documents required for students who want to study in USA. I heard that in the case of USA that students can get visa by fake documents - is that true?

Financial documents required are:

Bank balance certificate
Bank transaction statement of last six months
Property valuation documents
Proof of sufficient income source

These are financial documents required for US student visa. Depending upon your case, the documents you need to show may be different.

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Govinda answered 9 years and 4 months ago

Yes they can reject on the same day of first round of visa interview that happened to me..... they returned me my DD(Visa fees) because i made the same mistake twice and instructed me to apply again reason was my financial support was from CREDILA and they don't accept this because its a financial organization not a bank and so they told me to get loan from bank and reapply....

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Yashavanth answered 7 years and 4 months ago
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