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Is it difficult to obtain a visa for UK, New Zealand or USA after being refused for a Canadian visa?
Asked by: Priodarsha
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Posted on Fri, 13 Aug 2010 14:58:14 GMT
Question Description
Hi, thanks for answering my previous questions. You know that I had applied for a Canadian student visa and I got refused for ties. Now, I am willing to go to either UK or New Zealand or USA. Will there be any problem because I have a seal on my passport? What should I do? Please advise me.

Should I try for Canadian visa again or should I try for UK, New Zealand or USA? Please give me a better suggestion.

What will be the chances of getting a visa in Canada again with same documents (same sponsor, same offer letter, and same bank documents)? Only by adding document to prove ties. Is it possible? How many days before the classes, should I submit the application?

Should I submit (Canada) a letter or an explanation against the refuse letter (ties) and give answer showing documents or just give document without a letter or explanation? My question is, advise me how should I prepare my documents that can prove my strong ties with nation?

With thanks,
Priodarshan Datta Chowdhury

Hello Priodarshan,

There are no exact answers for your questions. One thing I'm not clear about your case is are you applying for an undergraduate (Bachelor's) or a graduate (Master's) level of studies? I'm asking you this because students who apply for a Canadian student visa with undergraduate level usually get denied.

The denial for your application made my Canadian High Commission may affect in your visa application to other countries. Like: if you apply for a US student visa now, during a visa interview, you may be asked why have you been rejected by Canada, or why have you changed your mind from going to Canada to USA for your academic pursuits. Even though you may not have to face a visa interview for other countries you've mentioned, they may still look at your application suspiciously.

I think you have a better chance with UK because they've introduced a new point based Tier-4 visa application system. Under this system, if you join an appropriate college and program and show them that you have enough funds to cover your tuition fees and living costs for your first year of studies, you get 40 points, which are the total possible points to score. Those students who score 40 points obtain a visa.

Instead of applying to any other countries, if you still want to give a try with Canadian student visa again, you must include the documents that prove your ties with your nation. But, to be honest, it mostly depends on your luck than your documents. I have seen many deserving students who had been denied a Canadian visa, and most of them were the students who were applying for an undergraduate level. I don't think you have to mention and letter explaining your previous refusal.

Good luck this time.

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visaguide answered 7 years and 7 months ago
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