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How can I get a Social Security Number in USA?
Asked by: Piyol
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Posted on Sun, 17 Jan 2010 19:13:48 GMT
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I'm wondering if it's easy to get a Social Security Number in the United States. I will be going to USA on a student visa. How can I get a SSN after I'm there? Will I be able to get it easily? People say that students can work off-campus only if they have a social security number. As I will be willing to work off-campus, I would like to be assured about getting a Social Security Number before going to USA. Thank you.

To get your Social Security Number in USA, you have to find a job at any of the departments within the campus. That means, you have to find some kind of on-campus employment before you can apply for your Social Security Number.

Whether you can find on-campus job easily or not depends on the university. Usually, universities which do not have many international students tend to have plenty of jobs available for international students. The department that hires most of the international students is usually a college cafeteria.

You have been informed correctly that you can work off-campus only after you have your Social Security Number. That is because your employer will want to make check payments for your salary, but that is not possible without a Social Security Number. And, as you start working, you have to pay income tax. Every taxpayer should have a Social Security Number.

The main point to note is: even after you have a social security number, you need to obtain a work permit from your university to work off-campus legally. Universities do not give such permit to all the students, unless they really desire it.

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rolve answered 8 years and 2 months ago
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