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Student Visa Application Fee of USA
Asked by: danbu145
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Posted on Mon, 13 Sep 2010 13:19:17 GMT
Question Description
How much is student visa application fee of USA in India for Indian students? How much does it cost in total to get student visa of USA? Is there any hidden cost associated with US visa process?

The student visa application fee of USA is $140 for all international students applying under F1 or J1 category. This fee was $131 before June 4, 2010.

All international students also need to pay SEVIS fee along with the visa application fee. The current SEVIS fee for the international student applying under F1 category is $200 and under J1 category is $180.

Apart from these fees, the visa issuance fee is also charged to international students of some countries when the visa is issued. However, Indian students are not charged such visa issuance fee.

The total amount required to apply for student visa of USA under F1 category to Indian student is $400 and the total amount required to apply for student visa of USA under J1 category to Indian student is $380.

There are not any hidden costs besides these charges to apply for the student visa of USA.

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flyAbroad answered 6 years and 2 months ago

The visa fee payment in Nigeria is
#22400,but the booking fee is

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Lexy answered 6 years ago

The Student Visa application fee of USA is $160.

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Michael22 answered 4 years ago

The US Student Visa application fee is $160 (Rs. 8,160).

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X-masgift answered 4 years ago

Rs. 8,160 ($160) is the application fee of USA Student Fee.

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Honey123 answered 4 years ago
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