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What may be the reasons for German student visa refusal?
Asked by: khudai
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Posted on Tue, 17 Aug 2010 08:48:26 GMT
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Hi, I have been refused for a German student visa, but the reason for refusal hasn’t been given. What could be the reason, as I have fulfilled all the requirements for the study visa? And, what should I do now, as I have very short time left before my classes are commenced in the mid of October.

The German Embassies state, “Compliance with the visa conditions does not automatically guarantee that a visa will be issued.” Which literally means that even after you meet all the requirements for student visa, your visa application may be denied.

However, the major reasons for the denial of German student visa are: lack of fund, wrong selection of a program, no strong ties with your nation, and your application suspected as a possible immigration attempt.

Since you’ve been rejected, you can appeal if you want. I think you can appeal within 60 days of visa refusal. If you want to appeal, you have to appeal in person at a German consulate office. Once the appeal has been documented, it may take more than two months to get a decision.

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abhijeet answered 7 years and 7 months ago
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