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EduCouncil QnA Disclaimer

EduCouncil QnA is a website where people can share their ideas related to study abroad. Everyone can join EduCouncil QnA for free, and who joins is permitted to ask and answer questions. Views from different users might not compulsorily match while giving answers; therefore, you may find variations in answers.

The information you find in EduCouncil QnA may not be exactly correct. EduCouncil doesn't guarantee the accuracy of any information available in EduCouncil QnA. All the contents in EduCouncil QnA are user submitted contents. All the questions and answers available here are either asked or answered by the members of EduCouncil QnA. It doesn’t, however, mean that the information available here are useless. Instead, they are useful in most of the cases. Here, different people share different ideas, and most ideas shared are trust worthy. Despite of trustworthiness of most of the ideas shared here, EduCouncil doesn't claim to provide the accurate information, which can be used for making final decisions.

After you receive any information from EduCouncil QnA, please try to verify before using them. EduCouncil is not responsible for any losses or consequences caused by information you received from this website. The information may have changed since when it was posted first in this website. So, EduCouncil QnA is not liable for any type of information available here.

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